Orebits Corp. provides owners of, and investors in, unrefined proven gold reserves with the ability to digitize and exchange their assets electronically on a peer-to-peer basis.

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Case Study

This project is taking advantage of a new financial technology that converts physical claims and mining rights into digital certificates that allow for instant liquidity in the OTC market. This new asset class uses a fungible pool of claims to spread risk and build confidence in a new class of institutional investment, bringing high net worth investors into mining sector on a safer basis than ever before. There is a lot of hype about distributed ledger technology; however, there are not many active commercial applications. 130 International is a leader in this space, having acquired this technology to leverage existing and newly secured assets, including the example described below.

130 International will utilize $25 million to acquire 50% of a property that has close to a million oz. of measured proven gold reserves. As part of this option, the Company has already completed paperwork to digitize the property to be finalized at purchase. After costs, there will be a clear profit of $75,000 once the subsequently created shares of Orebits are sold to the market.