The Leadville Mill, situated two miles west of downtown Leadville, approximately 100 miles from Denver, is the only facility of its kind in Colorado open to servicing both gold and silver deposits. Centrally located within an historic mining region, the site continues to support economic mineralization efforts on a substantial scale.

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The Leadville Mill project is to upgrade the existing facility and bring online a 400stpd toll/custom milling and refining company uniquely servicing the remediation of mill dumps and mining operations in Colorado. Started in 1989, this is the only mill in Colorado licensed to process third party material from gold mines in Colorado.

Economic mineralization remains in Colorado’s historic mining areas, and in many instances, modern mining technology could be applied to projects resulting in small, but viable, high-grade mining operations. Leadville is central to many of these deposits and the Leadville Mill is uniquely situated to take advantage of resurgent mining activity in Colorado.

The Leadville Mill has an Active-Status captive processing and tailing (110[2]) permit. In 2013, the owner submitted an application with the Colorado Department of Reclamation, Mining, and Safety (CDRMS) to convert the mill’s operation status to Toll/Customer milling. The amendment is now approved pending a final construction plan. Written approval is expected within days of that submission, which is on-hold pending the sale. Once granted, the Leadville Mill will become the only active gold-silver custom mill in the state of Colorado.

HISTORY – During the late 1980s and early 1990s, Leadville Mining and Milling, Inc. (LMMI) built and operated the Hopemore Mine and Leadville Mill (the Mill) in Leadville, Colorado. Shortly after its commissioning, low metal prices forced the cessation of operations.

Consequently, the Mine and Mill were placed in care and maintenance, but never reopened.

The Mill equipment was purchased in December 2007. The Mill property, consisting of 21 acres was purchased in September 2008. The Hopemore Mine was not purchased at the time, but is under-option as part of the project. The mine is estimated to have at least 68,000 oz. of recoverable gold.

As a reclamation project, there is well over 250,000 oz. of commercially viable material to process. This will keep the mill in operations for over 10 years at 400 tons per day—130 International has available for purchase 150,000 oz. now and more as tolling contracts. If the capital is available, negotiation will ensure a much better price for the material and maximize profits. By 2022, the Company will test and acquire more properties and materials to guarantee feed stock and perhaps the addition of a second shift. Studies to date indicate that the project is viable and has all required licenses and permits either in place or approved in advance of completion.