Who we are

  • A junior mining company.
  • Development and production phase.
  • 3rd party contractor utilizing an eco-friendly filtration system.
  • Orebits Patented Security Crypto Tokens backed by gold.
  • Historical and recent geology in a 43-101 format.
  • This is an active Gold Mining area with operating claims upstream.
  • Initial production schedule based on 5,000 oz per season.

Our history


Our company was founded

Importing Mining Equipment


First Claims

Swapped ownership for claims to enable future development in distributed ledger tokens.


Ownership change

Consolidating all the corporate ownership for development and production.

Gold Mining in the Yukon is looking profitable moving forward.

Bruce Youb

With the technological advances allowing us to mine in way safe to the environment it time to move into production.

Bruce Youb

We are moving into development and production

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