High Grade Junior Mining Company

130 International is a junior gold exploration company focused on creating shareholder value through exploration, investment grade deal making, and state-of-the-art securitization strategies. With ready access to infrastructure, 130i has been able to cost-effectively generate multiple new high-grade gold discoveries with a view to re-establishing each of its mining operations as one of the premier gold mining districts in world.

130 International

Company Offering

130 International, Inc. is offering a USD $100 million convertible debenture. The actual debenture offering documents and financials are available from officers of the corporation. This offer is available for Qualified Investors only.

DEBENTURE TERMS : Series – 1 Debentures

  • Five-year term
  • Ten & three-quarters interest (10.75%)
  • Option to convert units to Class A common shares


BURWASH CREEK – $10 million – Contract with an engineering firm to complete a more comprehensive evaluation of the property. The existing reports only explore a depth of 70 feet and have never been tested down to bedrock. The potential upside is significantly more than the capital required for a deeper analysis.

LEADVILLE, COLORADO – $25 million – This project is a 10-year plan to repatriate land by removing historical gold mining dumps and processing the material in the only licensed third party mill in Colorado. In addition to the commitments of owing the mill, the mine and dumps, 130 International estimates an additional 10 years of work of tolling other properties.

SINGIDA – In regards to this project, 130 International plans to complete the acquisition process, energize exploration and commence operations on the property.

iCON – $10 Million – With a cost of $965,000 per deployed unit, 130 International could enter into 10 projects. Yet, having identified multiple locations, the Company can pick the best locations based on existing information supported by independent engineering analysis. By comparison, this is a very low cost opportunity with an EBIDA of over a million on the first year.

OREBITS – $50 Million – This project will use the sales of “orebits” to service debt and acquire new properties to digitize. 130 International has identified existing properties that will qualify for the Orebits Corp. service and generate large capital profit. One example return is an upfront investment of $25 million for a property that could be turned into $100 million worth of Orebits in less than 30 days.

130 International

Terms & Conditions

This private offering is not registered and the offering documentation is in accordance with a non-reporting Alberta Canada Corporation. This offer is subject to full disclosure statements and completed signed exception. The Company will support this debenture through the sale of existing assets and cash flow from acquired projects.

There are additional opportunities for direct equity investment into the Company’s projects as well the debenture. 130 International is the first company to digitize its gold claim reserve via the new distributed ledger technology offered by Orebits Corp. (www.orebits.io).

This technology allows for OTC trading of fractional ownership of assets in a digital certificate representing fungible gold claim reserves. This process mitigates the risk of participation for partners of 130 International as a junior mining company by giving access to liquidity where there was none before.

The Company furnishes this information solely for use by potential lenders and investors. This content is not all-inclusive and contains only a brief summary of the information that a prospective lender or investor might require. The Company does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or timeliness of any of the information contained herein.

Those persons or their representatives to whom the Company corresponds agree to use this information solely on a confidential basis. Content contained herein may be reproduced for the internal analysis by the recipient but not for any other purpose without the specific written consent of the Company.

130 International

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