High Grade Junior Mining Company

130 International is a junior gold exploration company focused on creating shareholder value through exploration, investment grade deal making, and state-of-the-art securitization strategies. With ready access to infrastructure, 130i has been able to cost-effectively generate multiple new high-grade gold discoveries with a view to re-establishing each of its mining operations as one of the premier gold mining districts in world.

130 International

Company Background

130 International (the Company) is a fully funded, pre-IPO junior mining company based in Calgary, Alberta Canada. The Company’s balance sheet shows assets more than $100 million using the adjusted cost base. Company policy focuses on using the best financial technology, in combination with the latest proven technologies in the mining field, to maximize returns and protect the environment.

Current industry research has shown that mining properties can be advanced significantly in value by utilizing state-of-the-art mining techniques and geo-environmental property models. 130 International will use this model of upgrading the engineering with new technology to a proven, measured and recoverable status. Once the new value is established, what follows is the ability to sell, digitize or go into production.

The existing shareholders and management team have many years of experience in multiple areas of business, risk management and merchant banking. For each of the individual projects, 130 International will leverage the expertise of existing management, contributing additional human resources as needed.

This is a proven model for a junior mining company and 130 International is following it—backed by current measured and indicated gold reserves of 1,346,080 troy oz. 130 international also has existing gold claim options and researched additional opportunities that include working operations and claims with proven reserves in Canada, Columbia, and Tanzania, as well as others within the United States. Some of the claims are under-option as low as 3% of real value due to ownership circumstances.


Executive Team

Collaborating with current management and external partnership, 310 International provides consultative expertise and financial resources that allow its subsidiary entities to optimize business performance, accelerate growth and expedite new product development and market introductions within the gold sector, as well as within other mineral mining and milling interests, gold mining claims and precious metals holdings.

BRUCE YOUB: Chairman
Bruce Youb recently retired as an independent Insurance Broker and Insurance Agency owner in Canada with 29 years of experience focused on international risks, high-risk insurance and financial products. Providing surety bonds and insurance to the mining industry in Canada has provided Bruce with a solid understanding of the industry. Bruce’s principal role as the Chairman of the Board is to manage and to provide leadership to the Board of Directors of the Company. The Chairman is accountable to the Board and acts as a direct liaison between the Board and the management of the Company, through the Chief Executive Officer (“CEO”).
JOHN COMEAU, C.G.A President & CEO
John is a professional accountant and brings a wealth of business experience to 130i, including his successful diversified business experience that includes his role as Business Auditor for the Canada Revenue Agency and a founding shareholder and General Manager of Eagle ATM Inc, a financial service provider to retail/service markets in British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan. Mr. Comeau has also performed as Principal and CEO for both a hospitality company with assets from multiple hotels/motels and an internet-based service provider (with 82 sub-offices) for a national Canadian bank. He was also General Manager/Equity Partner of Trader.com (listed on both the NASDAQ and Paris stock exchanges) and Director of Franchise Services for the Canadian operating partner to Forte Hotels UK.
Scott Rowan is a Certified Public Accountant that is chief financial officer for both 130i and its parent company, Nahakama Investment Holdings. Prior to his involvement with Nahakama, Scott was a managing partner of the investment banking firm, Innovative Capital Strategies and helped found Wisdom International Corporation, the owner of International Reinsurance and Wisdom Global Mining. Mr Rowan has held executive positions with several companies during his career including director of corporate finance for Merrill Scott & Associates, and has extensive experience in the financial consulting arena. Since 1993, he has worked as an independent consultant, participating in projects with over 150 companies throughout the United States and Canada, specializing in initial public offerings, mergers and acquisitions, mezzanine/bridge financing, and strategic planning.
Walter possesses 10 years of frontline experience working in supply chain logistics. With a background in International Trade studies at MacEwan University, Mr. Youb has developed a uniquely global perspective on exports and imports via air, ocean, rail, and truck—facilitating operations on many levels. With general global forwarding knowledge, including but not limited to, consumer goods, produce and beverages, he has a solid background as a specialist in project management for large capital projects in the power generation industry (wind, hydro, oil and gas—upstream, midstream, and downstream) and in the mining sector (coal, nickel, gold and granite). Walter leads teams in support of sourcing, material management, warehousing, transport, contract negotiations, and project costing/budgeting.
JAMES C. VESEY Director & VP Engineering
In 1980, Mr. Vesey was first introduced to the Colombian Gold Mineral Rights sector—a formative experience that would eventually lead him to found World Mining Corporation in 1996—where he would begin to acquire and re-start mining operations on exceptionally rich gold properties. In addition to executive management, Mr. Vesey has over 25 years of engineering and production operations management experience via positions as an air/water pollution control engineer, process engineer, project engineer and production superintendent with major companies.