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High Grade Gold Mine Portfolio

130 International is a junior gold exploration company focused on creating shareholder value through discovery. The Company’s management team is highly experienced, with an impressive track record of success, and has assembled a highly prospective district scale land position in several locations around the world.

Our Portfolio

Burwash Creek Claims

130 International is creating value through gold at its 100%-owned, advanced-stage Burwash Project located in Ontario, Canada. The high-grade gold opportunity at Burwash, one of the largest and highest-grading undeveloped gold projects in the world, is the catalyst for near-term production, and our focus.

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Leadville Project

The Leadville Project’s goal is to become a 400 stpd toll/custom milling and refining company uniquely servicing small high-grade mining operations in Colorado. Started in 1989, this is the only mill in Colorado open to servicing small gold and silver mines.

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Sustainable Mining

130 International wants the indigenous people surrounding our mining projects to participate in our success as a gold mining company, so our goal is to build on a foundation of good corporate citizenship for the long-term benefit of the region in which we mine.

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Experienced Management Team

130 International is a well-financed gold exploration and development company with an experienced mine-development team. Our management is focused on building shareholder value through discovering and developing gold projects with low costs and low technical risks.

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High Grade Junior Mining Company

130 International is a junior gold exploration company focused on creating shareholder value through exploration, investment grade deal making, and state-of-the-art securitization strategies. The Company’s management team is highly experienced, with an impressive track record of success, and has assembled a highly prospective portfolio of mines throughout North America, South America and Africa. With ready access to infrastructure, 130 International has been able to cost-effectively generate multiple new high-grade gold discoveries with a view to re-establishing each of its mining operations as one of the premier gold mining districts in world.



130 International specializes in finding promising properties for future mining efforts. We set out to establish proven resources, verify the presence of raw materials and work with local partners to facilitate production on a grand scale. Working hand-in-hand with geologists, engineers and other highly trained experts, we’re able to make economically strategic decisions that pay off over time—creating added value both within the region and beyond.



Investors with a desire to leverage opportunities within the mining industry will find a productive partner in 130 International. While the precious minerals market is generally volatile, we work to take as many unknowns out of the equation as possible, providing materials that precisely and accurately quantify the value of every factor in play as referenced by resources made available through the World Gold Council, Gold Field Mineral Services, etc.



Once 130 International selects a site for mining, we start by mapping out the geological details and naturally conduct on-the-ground analysis, but additionally perform additional seismic research and sample analysis to get a clearer picture of where we’re headed financially before we stake any claim in earnest. The more we are able to determine up front, the better we are able to fulfill the expectations of our financial partners at home and abroad.

Lucrative Investment Opportunities

130i's portfolio of active projects provides investors with an exciting investment opportunity that leverages the growing importance of gold in today's volatile world economy.

  • Green field exploration of yet-to-be-discovered mineral deposits
  • Identifying brown field mines, rich in production capability, but untapped
  • Mapping geological characteristics of target mine sites in comprehensive detail
  • Evaluating prospective ore bodies and gathering soil samples
  • Drilling down into the technical details and conducting exhaustive analysis

Our Asset Portfolio

Current Projects and Mining Operations

130 International has allocated funds which have been used to purchase inventory to be traded on the world's commodities exchanges. Additional expenditures and investments are being considered with regards to the option of acquiring the mining rights in Leadville, Colorado. Similarly, the organization has made allocations to purchase gold bullion and gold mining claims which are in the Yukon Territory of Northern Canada.